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Our range of four easy to use delicious curry sauces are in a unique concentrated format that guarantees to provide, by just adding water and heat, a smooth, creamy, velvety sauce with no lumps - even without sieving. As used in Fish and Chip shops and Chinese Takeaways throughout the country.

The concentrate is so versatile it can be used as a flavouring and thickening ingredient in many different recipes as well as for the more traditional uses.

We also offer our Chinese Sauce in catering 4.5kg and 8kg sizes.


In order to make our packaging easier to recycle we are switching our have decided to switch from black plastic bases to cream.

While black plastic is a recyclable material, its light-absorbing properties mean many machines which rely on light sensors to sort plastics are not able to pick it up, making it challenging for recycling facilities to process. With environmental impact at the front of mind, the simple change to a cream-coloured material minimises the pots environmental impact.

Furthermore, our Chinese, Hot & Spicy and Madras variants are now Sugar Free, and the Japanese Katsu Style Curry Sauce Concentrate is a Low Sugar option. Good news all round! 


This is an authentic range of traditional Chinese curry sauce mixes which are convenient and easy to prepare in your own kitchen.

- Just add water, heat and stir.
- Dissolves easily to make a creamy, smooth curry sauce.
- Convenient portion sizes for your needs.
- Great tasting meals in minutes

How to use

Follow the 3 step guide to the perfect curry sauce