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This is an authentic range of traditional Chinese curry sauce mixes which are convenient and easy to prepare in your own kitchen.

- Just add water, heat and stir.
- Dissolves easily to make a creamy, smooth curry sauce.
- Convenient portion sizes for your needs.
- Great tasting meals in minutes

How to use

Follow the 3 step guide to the perfect curry sauce

Original Chinese

This is carefully blended to give a delicious classic, mild, creamy
curry sauce to appeal to all tastes. 1 x 405g

£2.19          Qty

Chinese Hot & Spicy

A unique blend of spices to create a richer and more aromatic curry sauce for those who appreciate a more full bodied taste and aroma without the full chilli heat. 1 x 405g

£2.19          Qty


A full flavoured sauce using a traditional blend of Madras spices in the easy to use Goldfish brand concentrate. 1 x 405g

£2.39          Qty

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